Monday, October 10, 2011

The Third Preston: Mr. McGee

After our introductory blog post, I was reprimanded reminded that I had forgotten one critical family member. This someone would be Mr. McGee. He is our 4 year old, medium hair (meaning his fur is long-ish and sheds everywhere) mutt of a cat. He is beautiful!!!

Here he was as a little kitty (second day with me!):

Such a tiny face! Okay, well enough of the baby kitty talk. 

Now Mr. McGee is 4 years old and loving life here in Florida! He has adjusted quite well. The 12 hour car ride with a hotel stay was a bit stressful, but he did exceptionally well. Especially since he was either sitting in my lap or on a pile of my clothes the entire ride. For those of you who have had to travel with pets, you know it is no easy chore. But after the first 2 hours in the car, Mr. McGee shut up calmed down and we had a peaceful trip.

He enjoyed doing this during the trip:

Now Mr. McGee is king of the castle at casa de Preston. He already his favorite places to hide, nap, and snuggle. I feel so lucky that I married a "cat person." My husband loves Mr. McGee... I think maybe it's because he finally has a pet to play with again!

Last night, Mr. McGee thought my pillow was his throne.

Wrong! Well, at least until I fell asleep, then I'm sure Mr. McGee made himself comfortable on my head and/or pillow again.

He loves all the windows and doors in our home. He especially loves watching the neighbor's dogs scamper about! I think Mr. McGee may need a brother or a sister of the canine persuasion soon...

I left him happily playing in the garage, so I better go rescue him from a lizard or giant beetle or something. Mr. McGee would lose that fight. He's a lover, not a fighter.


  1. Yay!!! Mr. McGee and his very own post - as it should be :)

  2. That was the plan all along! He is THAT awesome.