Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Almost two years ago, I started a tradition for myself. I was the only one doing it. I belong to Facebook (like every other human being living in a second or first world country), but I had noticed something that was bothering me. It seemed as though every post by a friend, former acquaintance, or family member was negative, disparaging, or demeaning or degrading towards someone or something. I decided that I would strive to be different. I would strive to be different within myself, first. Then, I would show that to the world. One of those avenues would be Facebook. Now, don't get me wrong, I like to complain, vent, or run off at the mouth just like everyone else in this world. I think it is healthy and cathartic. However, there is a fine line between venting to your best friend (or my mother in my case) and airing all of my "dirty laundry" or unladylike or offensive thoughts, feelings, or opinions on the internet. So, long story short, I created "Thankful Thursday." Every Thursday, I sit and think about what I am grateful for that week. It could be a conversation, ripe fruit, a gift from a friend, a small act of kindness, or a sunrise. It could be anything! I take time to make my list and share it with God. Then, and only then, do I share it with my friends, family, and Facebook stalkers.

This has caught on... although that was never my intention. My intention was simply to become more positive in my own life and ways of thinking. I never dreamed it would inspire others. I am humbled that so many of my friends, family, and Facebook acquaintances have picked up on this positive habit. Thursdays are the highlight of my week! I get on Facebook simply to read the positive gratitude that others are sharing with the world. So many people have thanked me for this inspiration (in real life!) or have started posting their list on Facebook. I invite you to join me... even if your list is made quietly within yourself.

Be thankful today. Be thankful everyday. In my field of social work, we believe that every human being has a strength or good quality they can share with the world. I translate that to my everyday life - even a bad day or bad week has some "strength" or positive spin on it that I should be grateful and thankful to my God for providing. Even if you aren't a believer in a higher power, I still encourage you to pause, look around you, and be grateful for what and whom you see.

If I remember in my disorganized life, I will try to share with you my list each Thursday. Enjoy and feel free to share with me what you are thankful for in YOUR life!

This week, I am thankful for:

The hope of employment.
Seeing our wedding photos.
Having our first dinner guest to our house last night.
Phone calls from our families back home.
Our super nice neighbors.
Yellow mums.
Plans and a plane ticket to Tennessee for Thanksgiving.
The weird satisfaction that comes from a life lived without unnecessary luxuries.
Dinner with my husband even while he is on duty.
Surprises from my husband (because he is so darn sweet!).
My silly cat and his antics.
Snickerdoodles (homemade and yummy!).
A brand new washer and dryer (that is a necessity... not a luxury).

Be thankful today!!

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  1. I am thankful for...
    Hot Yoga classes (free in exchange for studio cleaning)
    A plane ticket to Colorado for the wknd.
    My students making me laugh.
    Paper airplanes.
    Phone calls from best friends.
    A roommate that does the dishes.
    My holiday pumpkin.
    Bike rides.