Saturday, October 15, 2011

"Semper Paratus"

Raise your hand if you know what that means.

No hands?


No? Okay, well "Semper Paratus" is the motto of the U.S. Coast Guard. It means, "Always Ready." The brave men and women of the USCG are always ready - for disasters, for hurricanes, for search and rescue, for law enforcement, for dinner to be disrupted, for plans with friends to be cancelled, for personal hopes changed, and to know that every time they take off that uniform, they will still have to be ready for anything.

So what does "Semper Paratus" mean for the families, wives, and friends left behind while the Coasties are out saving lives and defending the country? We, too, are always ready. We are ready to say good-bye. We are ready to help them pack their bags and kiss them a "see you later" kiss. We are ready to be alone. We are ready to keep living our day-to-day routine. We are ready to have our lives and jobs uprooted for the good of the Coast Guard. We are ready to defend our men and women when people ask what the Coast Guard really does. We are ready to have holidays, birthdays, and special moments without our Coastie. We are ready to support them. We are ready for that one phone call once a month. We are ready to welcome them home whenever that might be. We are ready for this challenge.

We are always ready.

I am ready.

Semper Paratus.

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