Monday, October 10, 2011

Quick Fix Idea

Confession! I am addicted to Pinterest. Haven't heard of it? Well, stop reading this silly blog and go find out. Once you have extricated yourself from your new obsession... Welcome back.

I am actually putting a lot of the ideas I've found on Pinterest to work in my house. Some ideas are just fun to daydream about, but when my husband approached me on how to wash his expensive sleeping bag, I ran upstairs and went to my "Going Green" board on Pinterest. I knew I had seen something about how to freshen laundry...

Ahh, yes. The reusable dryer sheet. In that case, the gal had soaked a dish towel in fabric softener, dried it completely, and then tossed it in with her laundry - load after load! She claimed it saved her from buying dryer sheets - same fresh fragrance without all of the cost.

So, what did this little housewife do? I thought, "I could do this!" I read the care instructions on the sleeping bag. Time and money were not on our side to have this sucker dry cleaned or taken to a big laundry mat, so I looked around our laundry room for inspiration.

I found these:

Woolite (I love it for washing delicates), an old rag, and a tupperware container (from the kitchen). So, armed with these items and ingenuity, I made my own dryer sheet/Dryel sheet.

I covered the rag with enough Woolite for it to be damp, but not soaked (again, time was against us). I let it air dry overnight. Then, I simply tossed the sleeping bag into the dryer with the Woolite-fresh rag and PRESTO! An hour later we had a clean-smelling sleeping bag. We even went a step further and hung the sleeping bag inside out on our patio. Now my husband will have the least man-smelly sleeping bag on the boat. Granted, I would love to have that thing clean with good ol' soap and water, but that will have to wait. At least it smells more clean and fresh!

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