Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday's Favorites

This week, I'm going to let you in on The Secret. No, not the book that everyone read after Oprah recommended it. I'm going to tell you The Secret about The Lazy Girl's Guide to Looking Fabulous... aka how to style your hair when you haven't washed it in a couple of days/cover up a disastrous haircut/just don't feel like doing nuthin' with your hair.

Introducing... Spin Pins!

These nifty, twirled bobby pins are A-mazing. They twist into your messy bun and make it look like it's effortless. Depending on your hair type (mine is naturally curly and thick), these will work to varying degrees. But for a few bucks, it's worth a try. I use these on days I just don't feel like styling my curly hair, it's too hot and/or humid to try to style it, or I want to catch the Coastie's eye, I just put my hair into a bun, and twist these bad boys in. A cute headband never hurts, either.

They are my new best friends when it comes to styling my hair! Shhh... don't tell my very expensive Chi hair straightener I said that. 

Happy Styling!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thankful Thursday (after a long hiatus)

Ah. It's good to be back here. I choose not to use this blog as my personal diary, so I haven't been using this at all for several weeks now. If you know me, you can guess some of the reasons. Suffice it to say, that I've been following my own instinct and choosing how to spend my time wisely. And that did not include blogging. However, I've missed it! I've found new recipes (some were an epic fail, even though the Coastie bravely cleaned his plate) and gone on new adventures.

But what I've really missed is putting positive vibes out on the internet. So, for all 3 people who read this (ahem best friend Liz), welcome back to Thankful Thursday!!

This week, I am most grateful for hearing the Coastie's voice. As he says, it is the best part of my week. Hands down. So, with that to buoy me on until the next time I hear his voice, I am also thankful for:

Only a few more days of my current job. It has been a daily struggle - emotionally, professionally, and spiritually. I will miss my residents and pray for them constantly. If it crosses your mind, pray for all nursing home residents everywhere... they are a forgotten, scared, lonely group who deserve more compassion, support, and respect than they currently get in our healthcare system and society.

A visit coming up from my best friend Kara and then my dear, sweet friend Heather.

An afternoon at the pool.

An unexpected beach day.

Afternoon rain storms.

Our new-to-us, reliable vehicle.

Bible verses that reassure me of God's love and plan for my life.


The sale shelves at the Commissary.

Be thankful today, and every day, and try to spread some positive energy and love to your friends, family, and the online community.