Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday's Favorites

This week, my new favorite thing is this Vera Bradley "seashore tote" aka beach bag:


I'm not normally a brand snob, but I do love me some Vera Bradley. When I saw this bag in a cute shop here in town that carries Vera, I couldn't stop thinking about it! So I saved my pennies and splurged several weeks after seeing it. I love it! We are taking this fabulous bag out for it's first beach trip today. I'm going to look so cute!!

Happy Friday!!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thankful Thursday

It feels so strange to be getting back into this habit. So many of my life's circumstances have tempted me into a time of.... well, let's just say... the opposite of gratitude. BUT, this week, I have made a conscious choice to step back into a life of gratitude.

So this Thursday, I am thankful for:

My mom. Mom, you are heart of my heart, spirit of my spirit. I am grateful for all the cards you send me in the mail. I am grateful for the book and pendant you sent me to help me re-focus my thoughts and energy into being grateful, not bitter. Thank you for listening to me hour after hour. Thank you for forgiving me while I selfishly dominate our conversations these days. Thank you for believing in me that I will be a more hopeful, positive, giving person again very, very soon. Thank you for always believing in my inherent goodness, worthiness, and beauty and reminding me of these things when I forget. Thank you for giving me life. Thank you for walking beside me on this journey.

My husband who puts up with me in ways he never thought he would have to! He still treats me like a queen and spoils me rotten. He is my cheerleader and rock. I am so grateful for his love, friendship, laughter, and positive attitude.

Yogurt with granola.

My sweet pets who are always glad to see me.

The card from my best friend about being friends even during our "bingo years." So sweet, thoughtful, and funny, you are Liz!

The exciting, miraculous, spectacular news for a friend.


Morning runs.

Be thankful today for all the little things and important people in your life today!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Happy Armed Forces Day!

The Coastie and I wish you a happy Armed Forces day!

Today we honor all the men and women who currently serve in any branch of the armed forces.

Say thank you to someone who serves to protect you and your freedom today!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Camping at Lake San Antonio

We decided to skip out of town this past weekend and get back to nature. Well, as back to nature as I'll get because I do like having an actual bathroom somewhat close by. The Coastie chose Lake San Antonio. It's a gorgeous little lake northeast of where we live. It's only about an hour away, but the temperature difference made it feel like we were on Mars! We left home at 10 am in 60 degree weather. By the time we rolled into our camp site, it was a blistering 94 degrees! It only got hotter from there. We managed to spend some time at the lake side and even swim a little.

The most interesting part of the trip: our discovery that our sweet dog Buttercup HATES camping. She wouldn't eat, barely drank water, and barely got out of the car. We had to leave the car door to the backseat open the whole time because that's where she chose to stay. She even slept there overnight! How the Coastie and I managed to adopt a dog that despises water and being out in nature is beyond me. Oh the irony!!!!

Anyways, we had a blast and loved using our new camping gear. I felt supremely catered to because the Coastie knows everything about camping, surviving, and propane stove cooking. I was basically worthless except for a good laugh and company.

We definitely want to go again. Just maybe when it's not so uncomfortably hot!

Our camp site on the south shore of Lake San Antonio.

Buttercup: "Are you sure about this whole camping thing, Mom?"

Buttercup was still panting after her first dip in the lake.

The view across Lake San Antonio

The Coastie convined Buttercup to get in the water. She can't swim. Sad.

Buttercup's preferred place to go "camping."

The morning sunrise!!!