Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Camping at Lake San Antonio

We decided to skip out of town this past weekend and get back to nature. Well, as back to nature as I'll get because I do like having an actual bathroom somewhat close by. The Coastie chose Lake San Antonio. It's a gorgeous little lake northeast of where we live. It's only about an hour away, but the temperature difference made it feel like we were on Mars! We left home at 10 am in 60 degree weather. By the time we rolled into our camp site, it was a blistering 94 degrees! It only got hotter from there. We managed to spend some time at the lake side and even swim a little.

The most interesting part of the trip: our discovery that our sweet dog Buttercup HATES camping. She wouldn't eat, barely drank water, and barely got out of the car. We had to leave the car door to the backseat open the whole time because that's where she chose to stay. She even slept there overnight! How the Coastie and I managed to adopt a dog that despises water and being out in nature is beyond me. Oh the irony!!!!

Anyways, we had a blast and loved using our new camping gear. I felt supremely catered to because the Coastie knows everything about camping, surviving, and propane stove cooking. I was basically worthless except for a good laugh and company.

We definitely want to go again. Just maybe when it's not so uncomfortably hot!

Our camp site on the south shore of Lake San Antonio.

Buttercup: "Are you sure about this whole camping thing, Mom?"

Buttercup was still panting after her first dip in the lake.

The view across Lake San Antonio

The Coastie convined Buttercup to get in the water. She can't swim. Sad.

Buttercup's preferred place to go "camping."

The morning sunrise!!!

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