Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thankful Thursday

It's that time again... the day of the week where I sit and make my list of all the things I am most grateful for that week. Thankful Thursday! This week has been packed full of blessings, sad moments, surprises, good conversations, and tightening the belt until payday. BUT, I am still thankful and grateful to the Lord for all these things and for all the other blessings I am sure I am not even aware of yet.

Here's this week's list:
My sister's visit.
The amazing Coastie wives who have checked in on me.
Learning my way around enough to not have to use the GPS.
A phone call about a job.
My husband loving the chicken pot pie I made for him.
Sweet friends back home.
A Navy wife who is a life-saver, good friend, excellent mom, and general cheerleader of life.
Home-made hummus.
Church shopping with my husband.
Waffles on Sundays.
A phone call from my cousin.
Sunscreen and days at the beach.
A free gym membership.

I am one blessed gal!

Be thankful today! I'm going to go enjoy the last hours I have with my sister during this visit. Have a great Thursday!

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  1. Are you getting mani /pedi's. Fun ya girls