Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Family Motto

We have a family motto here in the Preston household. Well, maybe it is more of a slogan.

Team Preston... Making sh*t happen since 2011.

Forgive our adult language, but I am married to a military man, and a sailor at that! However, this truly did become our motto throughout the wedding planning/long-distance engagement we endured. Josh was in Florida and I was in Tennessee wrapping up graduate school when we got engaged. Whenever I would become frustrated about the wedding, expenses, or the looming job hunt, Josh would simply say, "We've got this. I've got you. Team Preston." I would respond with a "Team Preston" and we'd be on the same calmer, focused page again. This motto helped us remember the goal, the prize: beginning our married life as a TEAM and a partnership. We knew that to be together in the same city and state, we were going to hit some roadblocks. But as long as we were both driving on the same road at the same pace... we'd eventually hit the starting line and begin this journey.

I'm thinking of having t-shirts made.

Team Preston!!

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