Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday's Favorites

Yes, I like lame catchy titles. Forgive me.

Actually, I wanted to spotlight products, people, or ideas that inspire me. Since I didn't make any of these products, people, or ideas, I couldn't really blog about how to make them, could I? So, in effect, welcome to Friday's Favorites! Each Friday (that I remember), I write a quick blurb about why I like the product. I do NOT get paid for this (I wish I did!). Seriously, I just love a good deal and love to share it with people.

Funny story: I went to visit my mom in Orlando last week. A friend of hers at the conference complimented me on my necklace. I said "Thanks" and told her it had been $2 at Forever 21. She looked at me like I was an alien freak (you know... with her head cocked at a 30 degree angle to the right, eyes full of pity, and pursed lips) and said, "You didn't need to tell me that." Like, somehow I offended her with my thrifty-ness! Calm down, lady! I just wanted to share the money-saving tip about cheap jewelry at Forever 21. It wasn't meant to offend. But hey, if you're offended by a good deal... maybe you should find another blog right now about all the expensive stuff at Tiffany's.

If you can't afford Tiffany's, and you're still reading my ramblings, thank you!

Let's get on with it... here's the first product featured on Friday's Favorites:

I love this soap! I use it in the shower, for laundry detergent, and in liquid form to make other green cleaning solutions. My husband even uses this now. At first, it was weird that it had no smell. How did you know you were clean??? Do you feel clean? Did all the dirt get washed off? Do you stink like an old gym sock? No? Then I guess the Castile soap worked. Seriously, I'm now addicted to this stuff. Plus, it suds up on a loofah just like a body wash full of chemicals. It's smooth and creamy, and it keeps my skin from drying out in the Florida air. One bar has lasted me almost 5 months. Can you say that about your expensive body wash? This is only about $1.00 each (usually sold in packs of 3). Try it and fall in love!


  1. Ok, so where can you find this brand? We use Dr. Bronner's liquid and LOVE it. You can dilute it so, so much and it still suds up wonderfully (website says 40pts water to 1pt soap, we don't dilute it quite that much but still) - we use it in the shower, for dishes, in every bathroom for hands, in our green cleaners, etc. Hubby likes bar soap, though, for showering. He's tried the Bronner's bar soap and likes them...but they do not last long at all with him. I don't know if it's how he uses it or what. So, he keeps going back to his old icky, chemical-laden soap. :( I think he's been convinced now that the liquid Bronner's diluted will work fine enough, but if I could find this stuff and it really lasts as long as you say, he would prob prefer that. :) I've just never seen this brand and am curious where you've found it. Thanks!

  2. I find it at the local chain grocery store (Publix). But you can also find it at Food City. I bet Whole Foods or Earthfare also carries it. It's usually on the bottom shelf on the laundry or soap aisle. I started using one bar in early June when my body wash ran out and it's still usable in late October. That's with sometimes 2 showers a day, plus a husband who also started using it. I just scrub it on the loofah until it suds up to my liking. Super simple! I also use this in my laundry detergent. Just grate it and add it to washing soda and borax (1 cup each).

  3. Hmmm... Whole Foods here doesn't have it, or I've never seen it. I'll look again, but I'm pretty familiar with what they have at our store. It's pretty much the only place we shop for groceries and that sort of stuff now. We get Dr. Bronner's there. We've also tried their brands, but none of them last long enough for this guy. A few weeks maybe, which I thought was crazy! We don't have the other stores, though. Might have to just look around. I know several other stores (like Target and Kroger) are starting to carry Bronner's... I keep hearing about Kirk's - sounds a lot like Bronner's, so maybe it's just a southern thing? We use Bronner's in everything just about. Love that stuff! I made some homemade laundry detergent recently, too, and just used Bronner's. I didn't like how the Fels-Naptha stuff smelled, and we have folks with super sensitive skin, so I didn't want to risk that. Bronner's has worked fine, so far. But the thought of finding a BAR that might last longer for Ryan is nice. :) I'll just have to look around some. Thanks!

  4. I LOVE that owl necklace that you have (and $2 makes it even more appealing :) Keep posting your thrifty finds!!