Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Coastie Life of a Coastie Wife

Yes, I am that girl that has jumped on the blogging bandwagon. Yes, I am that girl that has fallen into the trap of what my other friends are doing. BUT, my blog hopefully will be just as entertaining, heart-warming, and informative as my delightful friends whom I respect and stalk read about almost every day.

This is the story of how two kids who couldn't wait to leave our small hometown in the hills of east Tennessee found each other again and are now sailing on this adventure called the Coastie life.

Meet the Preston's!

This is my handsome husband Josh (aka the real Coastie):

This is his Coastie wife (aka Hilary):

And this is our Coastie life!

Come along for this adventure as we figure out this thing called marriage, military life, traveling the world, and keeping our roots in our God and our mountains back home.


  1. Glad you're doing this! Team Preston!!!

  2. Hooray!!! I can now stalk you! I do have one critique to give for your first post...I'm pretty sure Mr. McGee would be upset if he knew you didn't include him...just sayin'

  3. Don't worry, Liz... Mr. McGee will soon be getting his very own post!