Friday, December 2, 2011

Thankful Thursday and Friday's Favorites... Rolled into One!

I'm combining the last two Thankful Thursdays AND Friday's Favorites into one post. Why? Well, here is your answer:

My Coastie is home!

That's right- he has returned from the great blue beyond and is now in our home. As soon as he stepped off the boat (I have pictures I can post later), I snatched him up and we jumped on a plane to Tennessee. There we spent a wonderful 6 days with both families. The juggling act was tricky, but I think both families got about equal time with us. We also memorialized my grandparents in a beautiful Jewish/Christian service at the cemetery. It was beautiful!!! My cousin, the Cantor, did an exceptional job. It was sweet, touching, and full of laughter, tears, and music.

Now we are home again in Florida. I call this "home" because this is the place where I have begun to build my life with my Coastie - our furniture, our daily routine, running errands together, eating dinner together, and date nights. Home is wherever HE is.

So, my last two Thursdays and Fridays have been filled with gratitude that he is home and we are together. You'll forgive me if I slack on writing posts until I'm finally settled into a routine that includes him (and not just blog posts to keep me from going insane while he's gone).

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  1. I love that your home is where Josh is. That's what being married is all about - leave and cleave. I love that the two of you are jumping right into making a life together - not forgetting your families, but rather becoming your own - the two of you. Such a supportive Coastie wife!