Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Date Night

The Preston household has jumped on the bandwagon of a weekly "date night." We loved this idea even before we were married! We liked the idea of continuing to nurture our relationship/marriage by giving it the attention it needs for a set time once a week. Of course, we nurture our relationship every day, but date night is a fun excuse to get out of our daily routine and do something fun!

To help us with date night ideas, I borrowed an idea from a website with date night suggestions and instructions. I made a "Date Night Ideas" canister. Once a week, we draw a slip of paper out of the canister; we have to do whatever it says for our date night (or day depending on the activity).

Since we live the Coastie life, we don't always have the same date night every week. We can't set aside every Thursday, for example. Duty shifts, patrols, and responsibilities get in the way. So... we have to be flexible. Still, we manage to pick out a "date" each week we can and follow through on it.

Here's how I made it:

I washed an empty coffee canister. I peeled off the label, too. Then I made a cute label and hot glued it on the side of the canister. I cut up used pieces of paper (have to re-purpose!) and wrote down ideas I found on the internet, from conversations we'd had about things to do in the area, and things I knew I wanted to do. 

In our canister, we have ideas like: kayaking the Banana River, flying a kite, going to a concert, go to our favorite taco bar, game night, see a play, or a picnic on the beach.

This cute canister matches all the red in my kitchen, so we have it sitting on the baker's rack to remind us each week. My Coastie has even started to add some ideas of things he'd like us to do for date night.

We love this idea and we hope you do, too!

Nurture your relationship, marriage and friendship by giving it undivided attention. Happy Dating!

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