Saturday, December 24, 2011

Our First Homecoming

It sounds strange, but since we had a long-distance courtship, I was never present for one of my Coastie's homecomings. Since the Coast Guard patrols are so much shorter than say, the Army or Navy, our homecoming's aren't as extravagant. However, they are no less emotional or beautiful. Here are some photos of our "first" homecoming on the crazy ride we call the Coastie life.

The boat coming into view. Such a beautiful sight to know he is safe!

Getting closer...

Almost to the pier!

Found him with the zoom on the camera! Holy moly, but he is handsome. 

The hardest part is waiting for the boys to disembark. They have to pull up to the pier, tie up, do some checks, and THEN they are allowed off to hug us. It took about an hour. The boys were just as impatient as those of us waiting on the pier!

Our sweet friends, the Edwards.

Here is a snapshot of the crowd trying patiently to wait for their Coasties. Not all the wives or girlfriends could be there, so we try to welcome everyone home as best we can.

By this point, I was so excited and overwhelmed to see him, that I forgot to take a picture with our camera. So the cell phone camera had to make do! I was shaking so much that it is a fuzzy shot, but you get the point. He was HOME!

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