Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday's Favorites: Homemade "Paper" Towels

I am going to go on record that I hate paper towels. Not in the hard fact that I despise the poor, unknowing towel, but I do not care for the principle of cutting down trees simply to make my life and mess easier to clean up.

I think the only reason and plausible use for paper towels is to drain bacon grease off freshly cooked bacon.

That being said, along with the bacon shortage of 2013 quickly approaching, I have quit using paper towels.

*Moment of silence for all the mornings without bacon in our near future.*

So, as I strive to be more earth-friendly and nature-conscientious, I decided to make my own "paper" towels.

I followed the tutorial found here: DIY Towels. I didn't follow the blog tutorial exactly to the letter, because it's just a great starting off point.

To make these, I bought a yard of cotton fabric and a yard of terry cloth. I made a 10 in. x 10 in. template and cut 12 squares of each fabric. Turning the cotton patterned cloth over, I pinned one square of cotton to one square of terry cloth. Then I simply sewed the two pieces together, leaving a 3 inch space open. I used that space to fold the "towel" in on itself so that the color side of the fabric is now showing. Then I finished by hand-stitching the last 3 inches. (I like invisible seams, so I didn't finish using the sewing machine. The original tutorial advises you sew again on the outside and down the middle, but I didn't like the aesthetics.)

As a very inexperienced sewer who can barely sew in a straight line, this was another perfect project for me. I got a dozen towels that look great in a cute basket on my kitchen counter! My husband even uses them! This will save us money and trees for the future. What's not to love???

Happy Friday!!!

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