Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Team Preston vs. Year One - WIN

Last week, we celebrated, rejoiced, and congratulated ourselves for reaching our first wedding anniversary. The Coastie decided to name the year and create a sports-like tag on it. So here it is:

Team Preston vs. Year One - WIN

We are Team Preston and we officially beat the first year of marriage - all the challenges, joys, adventures, moves, squabbles, and huuuge learning curves. We survived it and became better individuals and a better couple.

So, to celebrate, we went out to a fancy-schmancy dinner at the Madonna Inn.

It's a really old, really expensive hotel. But the restaurant is also famous for its giant, delicious cakes and incredible food and decorations.

The decor was intense... All pink and gold and flower and cherubs.

Poor Coastie... he was so overwhelmed by all the pink.

But he was a great sport and got all gussied up with me!

Yum! The Coastie said it was the "best steak I've ever had. Ever."

In all our finest!

One year later, the rings are still proudly on display.

Congrats to us! Take that, Year One!

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  1. My favorite post thus far!! Hil, you look absolutely beautiful and Josh looks so dapper! I'm a little overwhelmed by all the pink in the pictures so I can only imagine seeing it in real life. Ha! "Cheers!" to Team Preston!! And may you have many many more years to come!