Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday's Favorites

It is the return of Friday's Favorites!

I know I haven't posted a post like this in a very long time, but as we near our first anniversary, you'll see why I was inspired to do this post.

This Friday, I am sharing one of our favorite wedding gifts: our pottery.

Most people register for fine china or really nice everyday plates when they are engaged. We went a different route. We already had the nice, everyday plates, but how could we supplement them? We aren't "fine china" kind of people. What's the point in having beautiful china you will use maybe three times in your life? Don't get me wrong, I have a beautiful china tea service for eight... but I have never, ever used it.

We wanted something we could enjoy every day, every occasion. We also needed something durable that could stand up to hard use and lots of moves around the country.

We settled on pottery from Smoky Mountain Pottery. We love it for several reasons: they customized the pottery to our color choices, it was affordable for our wedding guests and family, and we could always special order anything else we needed. We also really love using and promoting local vendors.

We have everything from a serving platter to a spoon rest to chili bowls to mugs to a syrup warmer!!! We have mixing bowls, pie plates, salt and pepper shakers, a brie dish, and a berry bowl. We have so much more than just "service for eight."

So, if you know any new brides, encourage them to think outside the china box and register for something that suits the new couples' needs and likes.

Happy Friday!

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