Sunday, October 21, 2012

My First Earthquake

I just experienced my first earthquake.

My. Holy. Goodness.

Thankfully, we are fine - no tsunami sirens, all the pets are fine, and Josh is at work, so I'm assuming he's okay.

But wow... how terrifying!!! At first, I thought it was our new puppy, who is very, very sick, banging against her crate. I thought she was angry at me for keeping her so quiet and calm. Then I realized that a 40 pound dog can't shake the candle holders and glasses all the way in the living room.

So, I Googled it. After about 5 minutes, I found evidence of an earthquake of a 5.8 magnitude. Thank goodness it's epicenter was a few hours north! But those few seconds of shaking uncertainty... I am in no rush to relive those moments. I rushed around the house afterwards, but all the pets are okay, nothing is broken, I am not broken.

We survived! After such a tough, terrible, heart-breaking week (not to mention an evening spent at the emergency room for pets), I am so eternally grateful we survived this first earthquake!

Well, California, you have certainly proved to be an adventure in these first 3.5 months. What else have you got in store for the Prestons???

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