Friday, June 29, 2012

Our cutesy new town!

We are here now in our new station at Morro Bay. Either you've heard of it (probably because of Morro Rock or Hearst Castle), or you have no clue what I'm talking about. Either way, we are here and happy to be so!


This is Morro Rock. It's a bird estuary and historical landmark. It is literally just a huge rock that blocks the entrance to the bay, allowing Morro Bay to be a great place for sail boats to anchor. At first, you might be like, wow, what an ugly rock, but then you realize that it is gorgeous as birds and seals lounge about on its protected rocky mass.

We arrived just before sunset so we got to see our first west coast sunset!

This is a view of Embarcadero Street - the main tourist strip of restaurants, shops, and adventures such as whale watching, kayaking, or sailing. It is tiny and adorable!! The entire town of Morro Bay is built on gently sloping hills that allow almost every home or store a great view of the bay and the Rock.

For all those who have lost their lives at sea:

Crazy huge pelican:

And here's the Coast Guard museum. Yep, this is basically it - 39 feet of what they used to use to sail the ginormous Pacific ocean waves. (Needless to say, I am happy they have bigger, stronger boats now!)

More pictures will follow as we find a home, a church, a job for Hilary, and the more we explore our new area. Welcome home to Team Preston!

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