Monday, June 18, 2012

Team Preston's Adventure

Well, Day One of the Summer 2012 Team Preston Adventure to California is over. We have officially left Florida and our wonderful unit of the Coast Guard. It was a hectic week of vet visits for the cat, packing suitcases, meeting the movers, having our house packed up, and traveling to Tennessee. We had a few hiccups along the way; the packers did a great job, but the movers bailed. So, after several phone calls with a fabulous lady in Texas, we got new movers... who just happened to be our packers! Since we already trusted them and had a great rapport, our nerves were soothed knowing our belongings were in capable hands.

Friday we began our trek cross country. We drove 8 hours to Atlanta to stay with family on the Preston side. Mr. McGee did not prove himself to be a good traveling companion. We had a few mishaps involving my favorite pillow, but then he settled in for the ride.

Josh did all of the driving... despite only getting about 1 hour of sleep. Sunflower seeds are his roadtrip companion!

We finally made it across the state line to Georgia! We never were more thankful to be out of Florida so this adventure would become REAL.

Our first night on the road was spent with family - Aunt Phylis opened her beautiful home to us and fed us exceptionally well. We also got to meet our cousin Mary Jo who just happens to be from California!

We enjoyed great conversations, laughter, good wine, and lots of family history. Thank you Phylis and Mary Jo!!!

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