Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the dads and future dads out there! We were so lucky to be able to see all of our parents on this special day. After a morning at my mom and sister's new church (which rocked by the way... I love me some gospel truth that is open to diversity and loving all sinners), we had a family cook-out with my side of the family. Uncles, aunt, kids, and even some cousins showed up at the end!

Brother-in-law Richard with the family's newest addition: Bella.

Don't let us fool you... this is how we are normally.

This is just how we manage to photograph.

My mom's dog, Bella. She is so ugly, she is cute!

We ended Father's Day by spending time with Josh's parents. They have an amazing house tucked way up in the woods on a mountain. We felt rejuvenated by being surrounded by the sounds of the woods. It was a perfect, stress-free Father's Day.

 Thank you to my Mom (who was both mother and father), my grandfather (who is still intensely missed every day), and Josh's dad Joe. You done good. 

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