Monday, July 2, 2012

Our first week as California hippies

We have been in California almost a whole week. What we have been able and blessed to accomplish is incredible! We have found a home to rent, done a short hike, explored our new town, made new Coastie friends, visited a church, and found a free outdoor concert. Whew! I am tired just remembering it all!!!

First, house hunting is way harder than I anticipated. As a homeowner, shopping for a new home is all fine and dandy when you are already living somewhere. I was totally unprepared for house hunting while living in a motel. The rush, the pressure, the time constraints... it is so overwhelming. We didn't get exactly what we want and/or are used to, but we found a modest duplex only a few blocks from Josh's work. He can walk or jog or ride a bike to work, which means that remaining a one-car family will continue to work well for us.

After we got the phone call that we were the chosen renters for the unit, we celebrated by going into S.L.O. to the free outdoor concert in the main downtown area. It was like a cute, smaller, but free-spirited Sundown in the City (if you are familiar with a former Knoxville summer highlight). They had a local brewery supply some awesome microbrews and local wine. The best part was seeing so many of the 40-70 years old out dancing in front of the stage; the band played a lot of James Brown covers. It was a family-friendly, relaxed, casual event. We instantly fell in love with the town and the vibe!!

We've also managed to do one short hike thus far. The weather is cool, foggy, and misty here most of the day. They call it the "June gloom." I'm hoping July will bring more sunshine! Anyways, we did go on an early morning hike to Black Hill which is one of the "Nine Sisters" that are natural volcanic plugs left over from active volcanoes millions of years ago. Morro Rock is another of the "Nine Sisters." The hike took us through Morro State Park, past a huge water resevoir for the park, and showed us a great view of the estuary (wetlands) and the little towns in the valley below.


Sometimes the fog was so thick, that water droplets would be caught on the needles of the evergreens.

Our view was frequently obscured by the fog/mist, but we still enjoyed a quick rest at the summit. It is so chilly in the fog/mist that we were layered up. Layers would come off or go back on depending on altitude and amount of fog. Overall, we enjoyed the hike but can't wait for more!!! The area is so beautiful and diverse that we should be able to keep busy with finding a new hike or place to climb as often as we can. Plus, the hikes aren't too hard, so I'm sure family and friends that visit will also be able to enjoy. If I can handle the hike, ANYONE can. I am a weenie.

We also visited our first church in the area. We were invited by another Coastie couple, and we are so glad to have such welcoming, nice people who are giving up tips and tricks to adjusting to the area. We are so blessed!!!

We just have a few more hurdles to overcome as we move into the home and then I can begin some serious job hunting! It will be a process here, but I'm willing to do whatever it takes so that I can continue to do what I do - go to work and help someone else.

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