Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday and an Update

Well, Team Preston has been settling in to the small town life. It has its own unique challenges (I dare you to try to find a one-hour photo within 30 minutes that also has a working machine), but we are handling each obstacle with as much calm and grace as possible. We are finishing the unpacking process and finally hanging curtains and pictures on the wall. Our cozy home is starting to feel more like that - home!

So, this Thursday, I am thankful for:

My pressure canner and a husband who helped me can some food.

A bike that was stolen (whoever stole it is in for a laugh... the handlebars were broken!).

New Coastie wives who have been so helpful and reached out to me as the new girl.

My Coastie. Enough said.

Homemade tortillas. Yum!

The organic grocery 4 blocks from my house.


Our cute yard.

Challenges. Yes, I am thankful for these challenges. They help me grow and who doesn't want to be a better person than they are today??

UPDATE: Here's a quick update on some of our adventures.

This is our cute, cozy, modest new-to-us house.

For Independence Day, we ventured down to the outdoor celebration hosted by Morro Bay. It was SO SO SO tiny and cute. It had about 4 food vendors, one tiny stage, four ponies for the kids, and "games" including the three-legged race and sack races. People brought tents, blankets, and grills to make it a whole day of festivities!

Later that evening, we met up with some other Coasties at the station for a "dependents' cruise." All this means is that the families were allowed on one of the boats. We pulled the boat out into the harbor to watch the firework show. It was chilly on the water, but so much fun!!

The 47' MLB: this is what can flip over in 30 foot waves and still be able to rescue people.

The station! Tee-tiny!

Classic photo of Team Preston.

They made us wear these super-awesome life vests. Gotta be safe when you're with the CG!

Ready to watch some fireworks!

Finally, the Coastie is settling into his new job and role at the station. The best part so far? This awesome outfit he let me play dress up in:

I am now fully prepared to do some cold ocean water rescues!

Be thankful this week and every day!

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