Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thankful Thursday!

Today, this is the BEST Thankful Thursday is several months because of one major fact:

It is raining in central California!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is only a drizzle, but it is still precipitation! This is the most action our area has seen since October! Forecasters are only predicting about 0.25" of rain, but I know that God is a big, mighty God and can give our dry, parched land some needed relief. I will be praying continuously today for more and more rain and thanking God for the drizzle we saw this morning.

In other gratitude news, I am also thankful for:

Coffee with a friend before work. 

Long talks with my mom.

Pictures from "home" of all the beautiful snow.



A night to relax at home.

Being abundantly blessed.

Free lunch at work on Tuesdays.

Hearing Kara's voice and Jacob's baby sounds on the phone.

My adorable, funny Coastie.

And my amazing Monday night Bible Study gals, who rejoiced with me
for my miracle of health. 
They even sent me flowers! I am so blessed!

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