Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year, New Things

My Coastie asked me last night if I was going to make a New Year's resolution. I shook my head and said that I wouldn't. I never make a resolution out loud because I know I will break it. Then I will feel like a failure... and who needs other people to know that about themselves? Instead, I like to just set goals in mind that I would like to achieve, but they aren't things that will make me feel bad if I don't do them or experience them. They are just extra little things I think I'd like to do or enjoy.

For example, for Christmas, we didn't buy each other gifts. *shock and awe* Instead, we bought "gifts" for our adventures together. We bought a camping tent, a sleeping bag, and an overnight pack for me. These gifts were all bought so that we could enjoy backpacking and camping TOGETHER. So, in essence, we bought togetherness.

We believe that is what Christmas and the holidays are all about. Being with people you love!

We've already taken some of the items for a test run. Here are some photos from our hike to Salmon Creek. 

Here's to new adventures!

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