Thursday, December 6, 2012

Southern Comfort Zone

During the Thanksgiving holiday, I heard the best new song. I was going back to our sweet hometown to see my family. I left the Coastie here to work and take care of the furry children (aka pets).

This new song has become our new favorite. It's about being grateful for our Tennessee roots and our Southern way of life. We love our sweet tea, living in the Bible Belt, and the slow, friendly pace of life.

However, the song is also about having the courage to leave our Tennessee home so that we can explore the world. We have a deep longing in our souls to meet people that are different from what we are. We long to experience other cultures. We enjoy trying new foods. We want to be the people we are meant to be - that just means we have to expand our horizons with new places, people, and experiences. We are the type of people that can't stay "home." We need to explore, taste, see, climb, touch, hear, and soak in other parts of the world and the country. We have to leave our peaceful, wonderful, awesome "southern comfort zone." We have to leave this comfort zone in order to have all of these adventures.

That doesn't mean we don't also respect our roots and miss home. We do miss home. We aren't homesick, per se, but we miss the comforts of home - friendly faces, people who already "know" our stories, the food, smells, the pace, and the values.

Enjoy Brad Paisley's "Southern Comfort Zone."

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