Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thankful Thursday

It has certainly been a few weeks since I have written. I wish it was because my life has been full of scintillating adventures and tales worth repeating, but alas... my world has been blissfully normal and quiet.

I had a great visit with my best friend Elizabeth (check out her blog at Mama Liz) and her baby boy Connor. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, quite like 5 days of best friend time. I wish the Florida weather had been more cooperative, but that was just a good excuse to stay up late talking and eating junk food. We've been friends for 20 years (are you sure I'm old enough to say that??), but our friendship still feels as loving and deep as ever, despite the miles and the changes we've seen in the last year.

Anyways, enough mushy talk. This week, I am just grateful for the Lord's provision as He called us California. We'd been praying and praying that we would be called where He could use us. Honestly, we never even considered He would pick a Mayberry-sized town in middle-of-nowhere California. However, Team Preston will be joyfully packing up and heading west come this summer.

I'm also thankful for:

Fresh strawberries.

Matthew 6:25 and Psalm 119:116.

Phone calls from all the important women in my life.

Increasing self-discipline.

Proof that being polite can go a long way.

A trip to Tennessee soon.

Emails and short phone calls from across the seas.

His safety and health while away.

And mostly, Team Preston itself. I couldn't have chosen a better man to partner with on this journey. In his words, "No matter what hill comes our way on this path, I know Team Preston can climb over it and be better for it."

Aunt Hilary and baby Connor

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  1. LOVE this post and LOVE you!!! I am so blessed to be your friend for so many years! And, I'm so thankful we got to spend so much time together. Thank you for being such an amazing hostess and for loving my baby boy :)