Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thankful I made it through the week!

I'm thankful this week for love.

Yes, LOVE.

I am reminded and being taught anew by our loving Creator God about His love and how, if we let it, that love can love all those around us. I want to express love, BE love, and receive love well. I don't think I have ever, and may never, truly grasp the concept of unconditional love from a God I cannot see, touch, or hear. But I can choose to be open to that love and allow that love to change me, move through me, and impact others.

This week, I'm thankful for love -

The love of my Coastie (who is SO awesome and such a fantastic husband, y'all just don't even know!!),

My mom and sister

My in-laws (yes, I said! I'm so blessed to be their "baby girl")

The love of my best friends in NC, VA, and HI.

The love that creates another human life coming into family members' and friends' lives.

My furballs

And, most astonishingly, the love I am learning to have for myself... all thanks to God's unconditional love and goodness so graciously showered upon me.

Be thankful and feel the love today!!!

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