Thursday, November 1, 2012

So Thankful it's Thursday!

Happy Thursday, happy blog readers! We've been in a whirlwind wrapping up October. Strange things happened, but also really good things!

I guess the most important thing to make note of is that I am officially employed again!

Yes, that's right! I am working at a kidney dialysis center as a clinical social worker. My supervisor is so stinkin' smart. I have so much to learn. I know I look like a deer in headlights most of the time, but I am excited to be learning so much about dialysis, our patients, and how social work is the unique factor in ensuring best patient care to our clients. I only work three days a week right now, but that means I get four day weekends with my handsome Coastie! I am over the moon happy!

In other news, the Coastie and I finally explored a unique town nearby during their Scarecrow Festival. This town might possibly be the cutest thing we've seen since Gatlinburg back in the day. Here are a few good photos:

Then we found this amazing Greenspace reserved for the town. The history began with Chinese settlers. The town has preserved only one of the buildings, but the landscape and the hidden creek are what truly captivated us.

Believe it or not... this is a blackberry bush! We instantly felt like we were "home."

By the creek, people had built several cairns with the rocks.

And finally, more scarecrows to end the trip.

These were actually moving! The scarecrows were connected to the bike wheels, powered by a motor, so it looked liked they were actually "riding" the bikes.

So we are extremely thankful this Thursday! We have jobs, a home, each other, and HOPE.

Be thankful today!

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